My Scottsdale City Council



• Encourage thoughtful growth which preserves and enhances Scottsdale’s unique character
• Support tourism, high tech, and medical industries
• New development must pay the costs of necessary infrastructure
• Above all, growth must be consistent with the desires of Scottsdale citizens. We get to decide what Scottsdale will look like!


• Maintain tourism as one of Scottsdale’s premier businesses and sources of revenue
• Protect the assets which attract tourism: open skies, Western heritage, the McDowell Sonoran Preserve, and famous resorts, among many others
• Encourage more bicycle tourism


• Most Scottsdale citizens do not want high rises, more density, and accompanying traffic. They shouldn’t be forced to accept them as the cost of “economic growth.”
• Support industries which have a smaller footprint
• Protect the McDowell Sonoran Preserve as Scottsdale’s greatest asset
• Maintain and improve parks, especially the Indian Bend Wash Greenbelt
• Provide for and allow diverse housing options: horse farms, large and small lots, condos, and apartments
• Provide greater emphasis on affordable housing


• Currently, the four-person majority on the City Council is responsive to developers, but not to citizens. This must be changed!
• Update the General Plan to reflect the desires of citizens concerning future growth
• Follow established zoning runes unless there is a clear and compelling case for change and a benefit to citizens
• Restore civility and community
• Reform the Ethics Code to make sure the City Council is responsive to citizens first, not developers
• Above all, City government must be responsive to citizens!


Support Durham for the Citizens

Be a part of the movement to help bring the vision of Smart Growth Which Preserves & Enhances Scottsdale’s Unique Character to life!