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Tom Durham

Part 2 reforming Scottsdale’s ethics code

In a May 26 article in the Independent, we discussed the implications of the ethics hearing on the anonymous gifting to Guy Phillips for assistance with hospital bills…

A proposal for reforming Scottsdale’s ethics code

The Scottsdale ethics code has been in the news lately, largely due to the ethics complaint filed against Councilmember Guy Phillips. On May 5, 2020 a panel of three independent judges (the “Ethics Panel”) held that Mr. Phillips had not…

Scottsdale’s future will be brighter than the naysayers lead you to believe

The COVID-19 epidemic is obviously going to change our way of life. How will it affect Scottsdale? No one knows for sure, but as a candidate for City Council here are my thoughts on some key issues affecting Scottsdale’s economic future: tourism, economic development, and livability and job creation….

My campaign for Scottsdale City Council

I am running for City Council to ensure that the future of Scottsdale is decided by its citizens, and not by a City Council majority which appears to be increasingly intent on ignoring the voices of its citizens….


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